My Perception Through the Lens of Isometric rooms & environments

Through a series of art I hope to share my perception of the human experience

Project Summary

I want describe my own perception of the world through a series of isometric rooms and environments. My friend inspired me to think about how my perception of life differs from those around me. I've been really interested on different ways that I can explore that. After a few hours of thinking I've come up with in utilizing isometric art as the medium to make this happen. I've always wanted to try it and I've been really interested in how I can make functional art for a purpose; in this case storytelling. It seems like isometric rooms and environments do well as branding assets too so making art in that style could be a good skill to learn and practice for my portfolio.

Inspiration example

Key Components

I plan on primarily utilizing Blender, but potentially might use Adobe Illustrator to create a few of these assets. I will also be getting inspiration from Dribble and YouTube. My hope is that if I pursue this project well the end result will be high fidelity images in the isometric style of art. Most likely I will be following tutorials at the beginning because I've never attempted this style before, but my hope is to iterate on the tutorials and by the time the presentation comes around I am hoping to have the skills to create my own independent original isometric rooms and or environments.


Questions that I have:

  • How much progress can I make with this skill in the time given?
  • Will I reach my goal of being able to create original artwork without Youtube tutorials by the end of this timeline?
  • What are some different ways that I can utilize nodes and materials to enhance the mood/tone of the artwork?
  • How does my perception differ from somebody else's and how is it the same in anyway?
  • How do I make a cohesive story out of a series of different rooms and environments?


  • Create independent artwork
  • Try out the isometric art style
  • Tell a story
  • Build more skills in Blender
  • Utilize materials and nodes to enhance the tone of the artwork
  • Show progress over time
  • Have fun
  • If time permits I'd like to create a short highlight reel of my progress throughout the duration of this project.
  • Allow others to view my perspective
  • Allow others to share their own experience in some form
  • Start a conversation about the varying perspectives that we have even within small groups of people

Anticipated struggles:

  • Developing a concrete path to guide this process
  • Modeling certain elements that require sculpting
  • Pulling away from using tutorials so that I can create independent scenes.
  • Final Execution

The end result will be a surprise to both you and me, but I think the journey will be worth it and fun to create. I think this will be light-hearted as well as allow me build a career ready skill if execution goes well.